IQue 100% Superior Hot Tub Cleaning

IQue uses smart technology to ensure the cleanest and purest water in the Hot Tub Outdoor Portable Spa industry.
The water is being filtered from both bottom and top surface.
No more worries about maintaining the Hot Tub frequently, IQue 100 %  Superior Self Cleaning  System will take care about it.

IQue Self Cleaning Superior Cleaning System cleanses 100% of the water approximately 5-6 times per hour depending on the size of the Hot Tub.
IQue filtration pump is one of the best in the market. It saves energy cost by using only 50% of the revolution that other pumps use.
It is efficient, silent and reliable.
How others are filtering
With most other hot tubs, more than half of the water by-passes the filter, resulting in surface cleaning only.
With no floor filtration, only the surface water is filtered and the user needs to regularly vacuum the bottom of the Hot Tub.
Additionally, there are more water bypassing the filter and is recirculated into the Hot Tub without being cleaned.

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“Crystal Clear & Pure Water 100% Filtration only in IQue Hot Tub”


One thing is Crystal Clear- Your Water!

in.clear purifies your water without using chlorine

With its waterproof enclosure, its sturdy design, the new in.clear is one of the most efficient water sanitation systems offered to the spa and hot tub industry today. The new in.clear system needs very little maintenance and it can be easily installed on new or existing spas.

In.clear is an environmentally friendly system that generates and releases bromine into the spa water with the primary purpose of controlling and rapidly destroying any microbiological contaminants such as water born bacteria, algae’s, body chemicals, organic matter given off by spa soakers and other organisms known to be linked to recreational water illnesses.
Due to its superior disinfection properties, the new in.clear system eliminates the need to add extra chemicals in the water to destroy these unsightly pollutants and achieve impeccable results.

The fact that the in.clear system does not produce any offensive odors reduces eye irritation and it’s easy to handle, makes the in.clear the best choice in the market today.

Down load In.clear Videos here

User Friendly


· One of the most efficient water sanitation systems in the Hot Tub Outdoor Portable Spa industry

· Programmable Low Level settings

· 2 operating modes

· Low maintenance! Easy to handle

· Eliminates the need to add extra chemicals to destroy pollutants

· Does not produce any offensive odors & reduces eye irritation

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